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Monmouth County's Local Independent Planning Group

Scott Sari established The Premier Client Group in 2005 with the objective/purpose of providing Financial Planning Services, both specialized and comprehensive service, to retail customers. The group has consistently proven its ability to adapt and provide clients with custom solutions through concierge-like service and account vigilance. Continued success relies on a firm run from the bottom up, in an environment where CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ are able to utilize products they choose, not those chosen for them.

Independence provides The Premier Client Group the ability to offer a wide array of investment products and services. This luxury, paired with the concepts of diversification and modern portfolio theory, allows the investment team to proactively position clients in the most suitable and appropriate investments for their unique investment objectives.

The independent model provides a unique opportunity to be objective in all account types. Clients then have the ability to access to more than 20,000 mutual fund offerings as well as work with different major retirement plan issuers to ensure they are receiving a comprehensive plan that meets their needs. We utilize investment products by trusted names like Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, Prudential and John Hancock.

The Premier Client Group realizes the importance of attention to detail and uses cutting edge technology to constantly monitor and evaluate multiple aspects of client holdings. While past performance and returns certainly cannot guarantee future results, this process of analyzing risk, returns, and rankings among peers in a multi-family/multi-manager portfolio is crucial to developing portfolios best positioned for potential success. When this higher level of service is provided, it creates an environment where long term client relationships are cultivated.